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Basic Syntax in Python

Identifiers in Python: An identifier is a user-defined word for a special purpose. An identifier is a string of alphanumeric characters that begins with an alphabetic character or an underscore character that are used to represent various programming elements such as variables, functions, arrays, structures, unions and so on. A …

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IDLE in Python (Integrated Development & Learning Environment)

While installing, python is come up with IDLE (GUI). That means it is GUI for python developers and full form of IDLE is integrated development and learning environment. It works for both multiple line commands and single line commands execution. As the same we execute single line statements in the …

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Python Installation and Environment Setup

Python Installation Checking: As python is most widely used language so before installing python in PC you must check if the PC has already python or not. To check python installation, type the below command in command prompt in windows. C:\Users>python --version Python 3.7.4 If you want to check in …

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Why Python? What are features of Python

Why Python Python is general programming language unlike other programming languages.  According a survey Python is one of the most used programming languages. By using python programmer can develop desktop applications, websites and applications and GUI’s. Because of simple syntax python is more popular than other programming language. There are …

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Python – History (Data Analysis with Python)

History of Python: Python is simple to use, but it is a real programming language, offering much more structure and support for large programs than shell scripts or batch files can offer. On the other hand, Python also offers much more error checking than C, and, being a very-high-level language, …

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