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Key words in Python

Generally, every programming language has syntax like the same python has its own syntax, key words, literals and identifiers.

In the previous posting we learn how to execute single commands and multiple commands in shell. Now we focused on keywords in python.

As we know a keyword is a reserve word which has a meaning and specific functionality in the programming language. These keywords should not used as a constants or variable in the programming.

Below is the list of python keywords.


Sno Keyword Usage
1 and A logical operator
2 as To create an alias
3 assert For debugging
4 break To break out of a loop
5 class To define a class
6 continue To continue to the next iteration of a loop
7 def To define a function
8 del To delete an object
9 elif Used in conditional statements, same as else if
10 else Used in conditional statements
11 except Used with exceptions, what to do when an exception occurs
12 FALSE Boolean value, result of comparison operations
13 finally Used with exceptions, a block of code that will be executed no matter if there is an exception or not
14 for To create a for loop
15 from To import specific parts of a module
16 global To declare a global variable
17 if To make a conditional statement
18 import To import a module
19 in To check if a value is present in a list, tuple, etc.
20 is To test if two variables are equal
21 lambda To create an anonymous function
22 None Represents a null value
23 nonlocal To declare a non-local variable
24 not A logical operator
25 or A logical operator
26 pass A null statement, a statement that will do nothing
27 raise To raise an exception
28 return To exit a function and return a value
29 TRUE Boolean value, result of comparison operations
30 try To make a try…except statement
31 while To create a while loop
32 with Used to simplify exception handling
33 yield To end a function, returns a generator

Remember All the Python keywords contain lowercase letters only.

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