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Scientist Names – Inventions

SnoScientist NameInvention Name

1 A. Celsius Centrigrade scale
2 A.L. and J.L. Lumiere Cenema
3 A.L. Breguet Watch
4 A.Parker Celluloid
5 Adolph Rickenbacker electric guitar
6 Alessandro Volta Electric Battery
7 Alexander Fleming Penicillin
8 Alexanderson Radio transmitter
9 Alfred B. Nobel Dynamite
10 Alfred Binet I.Q. Test
11 Alfred Kinsey Human Sexuality
12 Alfred Wegener Continental Drift
13 American Viscose Co. Rayon
14 Amundson (1912) South Pole
15 Anderson Positive Electrons
16 Andreas Vesalius New Anatomy
17 Andre-Marie Ampere Galvanometer
18 Antoine Joseph Sax Saxophone
19 Antoine Laurent Lavoisier Revolution in Chemistry
20 Archimedes Specific Gravity
21 Archimedes Principle for lever (S.P.Gravity)
22 Archimedies Archimedean Screw
23 Arthur Eddington Modern Astronomy
24 August Kekule Chemical Structure
25 Avogadro Avogadro’s Hypothesis
26 B. F. Goodrich Zipper
27 B. F. Skinner Behaviorism
28 Baird Television
29 Bardeen, Shockley, Brattain Transistor
30 Benjamin Franklin Bifocal Lens
31 Benjamin Franklin Lightning Conductor
32 Bessemer Steel Melting Process
33 Binet Intelligence test
34 Bohr Electron Theory
35 Bohr and Rutherford Atomic Structure
36 Boyle Boyle’s law
37 Braille Printing for the Blind
38 Braun, Dr.Wernher Von Space flying
39 Broquett Helicopter
40 Bunsen Spectroscope
41 C. F. Brush Arc Lamp
42 C. Hugyens Clock (pendulum)
43 C. Sholes Typewriter
44 C.V.Raman Crystal Dynamics
45 C.V.Raman Raman effect
46 Carl Gauss (Karl Friedrich Gauss) Mathematical Genius
47 Carl Linnaeus Binomial Nomenclature
48 Carlton Mcgee Parking meter
49 Carothers Nylon Plastic
50 Cartwright Powerloom
51 Casimir Funk Vitamin B1
52 Cavandish Rare Gas
53 Cavendish Hydrogen
54 Chadwick Neutron
55 Chandrasekhar Mathematical Astro Physics
56 Charles Babbage Computer
57 Charles Babbage Difference engine
58 Charles Darwin Evolution
59 Charles Darwin Evolution (theory)
60 Charles Darwin Origin of Species
61 Charles Goodyear rubber (vulcanized)
62 Charles Goodyear Vulcanised Rubber
63 Charles Lyell Modern Geology
64 Charles Macintosh Raincoat
65 Charles Macintosh Rubber (waterproof)
66 Charles Macintosh Waterproof Rubber
67 Charles Sherrington Neurophysiology
68 Chester Carlson zerox machine
69 Christiaan Huygens Wave Theory of Light
70 Christian Barnard Replacing human heart
71 Christopher Cockerell Hovercraft
72 Claude Bernard Founding of Modern Physiology
73 Claude Levi-Strauss Structural Anthropology
74 Col. J. Schick Razor (electric)
75 Columbus (1492) West Indies
76 Conrad Elvehjem Vitamin Niacin
77 Copernicus (1540) Solar System
78 Coulomb Fundamental Laws of Electric Attraction
79 D. T. Smith, E. G.Hendrick Vitamin B2
80 Daimler Automobile
81 Dalton Atomic Theory
82 Dalton Laws of Multiple Proportion
83 Darwin Laws of Natural Selections
84 Darwin Theory of Evolution
85 Dauguerre Photograph
86 David Brewster Kaleidoscope
87 David Bushnell Submarine
88 Dewar Liquid Oxygen
89 Dewar Thermos Flasks
90 Dmitri Mendeleev Periodic Table of Elements
91 Domagk Sulpha Drugs
92 Dr. A.H. Taylor and L.C. Young Radar
93 Dr. Alan M. Turing Electronic Computer
94 Dr. Lee de Forest Film (with sound)
95 Dr. Richard Gatling Machine Gun
96 Dr. Wallace H. Carothers Nylon
97 Dr. William Stokes, Rene Laennec Stethoscope
98 Dr.Hargobiad Khorana Deciphering the genetic code
99 Dr.Paul Muller D.D.T.
100 Dr.Philip Drinker Drinker’s Chamber of Iron Lung
101 Dr.Sigmund Freud Psycho-analysis
102 E.G. Otis Lift
103 Edison Incandescent Bulb
104 Edison Phonograph
105 Edmund Cartwright Power Loom
106 Edward Jenner Vaccination
107 Edward Mellanby Vitamin D
108 Edward O. Wilson Sociobiology
109 Edward Teller Bomb
110 Edwin Hubble Modern Telescope
111 Eijkman Beri – Beri
112 Einstein Theory of Relativity
113 Elisha G. Otis Elevator
114 Elmer V. McCollum Vitamin B
115 Elmer V. McCollum and M. Davis Vitamin A
116 Emil Fischer Organic Chemistry
117 Enrico Fermi Atomic Physics
118 Ernest Rutherford Structure of the Atom
119 Ernst Haeckel Biogenetic Principle
120 Ernst Mayr Evolutionary Theory
121 Erwin Schrodinger Wave Mechanics
122 Euclid Foundations of Mathematics
123 Euclid Geometry
124 Evangelista Torricelli Barometer
125 F.Banting Insulin
126 Fahrenheit Fahrenheit Scale
127 Fahrenheit Mercury Thermometer
128 Faraday Electricity
129 Faraday Induction of Electric Current
130 Faraday Law of Electrolysis
131 Francis Crick Molecular Biology
132 Francis Galton Eugenics
133 Frank Whittle Jet Propulsion
134 Franz Boas Modern Anthropology
135 Frederick Sanger Genetic Code
136 Friese-Greene Cine camera
137 Fulton Steam boat
138 G. Bradshaw Scooter
139 G. Claude Neon-lamp
140 G. Ferdinand Von Zeppelin Airship (rigid)
141 G. Marconi Radio
142 Galileo Telescope
143 Galileo Galilei New Science
144 Galileo Gallei Thermometer
145 Gauss Electric Measurement
146 Gay Lussac Law of gases
147 George Eastman Camera
148 George Gaylord Simpson Tempo of Evolution
149 George Westinghouse Air Brake
150 Gertrude Belle Elion Pharmacology
151 Gottlieb Daimler Carburetor
152 Gottlieb Daimler Carburettor
153 Gregor Mendel Laws of Inheritance
154 Gregory Mandel Laws of Heredity
155 Gustav Kirchhoff Spectroscopy
156 H. W. Seeley Electric Flat Iron
157 H.C.Urey Deuterium (Heavy Water)
158 H.W. Seeley Electric iron
159 Hadley Sextant
160 Hahnemann Homoeopathy
161 Hans Bethe Energy of the Sun
162 Hans Selye Stress Concept
163 Harry Brearley Stainless Steel
164 Harvey Blood Circulation
165 Heike Kamerlingh Superconductivity
166 Heitz Electrical Waves
167 Henry Becquerel Radio-activity of Uranium
168 Henry Bessemer Steel production
169 Henry Great Head Life Boat
170 Herbert Evans and Katherine Bishop Vitamin E
171 Hermann Fottinger Automatic gearbox
172 Hermann von Helmholtz Rise of German Science
173 Herschel William Uranus (Planet)
174 Hideki Yakawa Meson
175 Hippalus Scientific astronomy
176 Hoffman Aniline Dyes
177 Hopkins and Funk Vitamins
178 Hsing and Ling-Tsan Clock (machanical)
179 Isaac Newton Newtonian Revolution
180 J. Froelich Tractor
181 J. Whinfield and H. Dickson Terylene
182 J.B. Dunlop Bicycle Tyre
183 J.C. Perier Ship (steam)
184 J.C.Bose Crescograph
185 J.E. Lurdstrom Match (safety)
186 J.J.Thomson Electrons
187 Jacob Schick Electric razor
188 Jacques and Joseph Montgolfier Balloon
189 James Clerk Maxwell Electromagnetic Field
190 James Hargreaves Spinning jenny
191 James Harrison and James Young Simpson Chloroform
192 James Harrison, Alexander Catlin Refrigerator
193 James Lind Vitamin C
194 James Watson Structure of DNA
195 James Watt Steam Engine
196 James Watt Steam engine (condenser)
197 Jean Baptiste Lamarck Foundations of Biology
198 Jean Piaget Child Development
199 Johann Phillip Reis, Alexander Graham Bell, Elisha Gray, Amos E. Dolbear, and Thomas Edison Microphone
200 Johann Vaaler Paper clip
201 Johannes Gutenberg Printing Press
202 Johannes Kepler Motion of the Planets
203 John Boyd Dunlop Pneumatic Tyres
204 John Dalton Theory of the Atom
205 John Harrison Chronometer
206 John J. Loud Ball-Point Pen
207 John Logie Baird Television (mechanical)
208 John Napier Logarithmic Tables
209 John Napier Logarithms
210 John von Neumann Modern Computer
211 Joseph Aspdin Cement
212 Joseph J. Thomson Electron
213 Joule, James Prescoft Measurement of Electrical Energy
214 Joules Mechanical Equivalent of Heat
215 K.G. Gillete Raazor (safety)
216 Karl Benz Automobiles using gasoline
217 Karl Benz Gasoline engine
218 Karl Butler Motor Car (petrol)
219 Karl Landsteiner Blood Groups
220 Kepler Laws of Planetary Motion
221 King C. Gillette Safety Razor
222 Kirkpatrick Macmillan Bicycle
223 Kodak Film & Photographic goods
224 Konrad Lorenz Ethology
225 Lablanc Washing Soda
226 Lawrence Cyclotron
227 Lee-de-Frost Talkies
228 Leo H Baekeland Bakelite
229 Levi Strauss Jeans
230 Lewis E. Waterman Fountain Pen
231 Lippman Coloured Photography
232 llly Brandt T.N.T.
233 Lockyer Helium Gas
234 Lord Joseph Lister Antiseptic Surgery
235 Lord Kelvin Dynamical theory of Heat
236 Louis Braille Braille
237 Louis Pasteur Germ Theory of Disease
238 Louis Pasteur Hydrophobia
239 Louis Pasteur Rabies Vaccine
240 Louis Victor de Broglie Wave/Particle Duality
241 Lucretius Scientific Thinking
242 Lucy Wills Vitamin Folic acid
243 Ludwig Boltzmann Thermodynamics
244 Lynn Margulis Symbiosis Theory
245 Madame Curie Radium
246 Marcello Malpighi Microscopic Anatomy
247 Marcony Wireless Telegraphy
248 Maria Montessori Montessori Method
249 Marie Curie Radioactivity
250 Max Born Quantum Mechanics
251 Max Delbruck Bacteriophage
252 Max Planck Quanta
253 Max plank Quantum Theory
254 Max von Laue X-ray Crystallography
255 Maxwell Electromagnetic Theory
256 Meghnad Saha Effect of Pressure on trough bodies
257 Mendeleef Periodic Law
258 Mergenthaler Linotype
259 Michael Faraday Classical Field Theory
260 Michael Faraday Dynamo
261 Michael Faraday Electric Generator
262 Michael Faraday Transformer
263 Mosley Atomic Number
264 Murray Gell-Mann Eightfold Way
265 N.R.Finsen Phototherapy
266 Neils Bohr Atom
267 Newton Laws of Gravitation
268 Newton Laws of Motion
269 Nicolaus Copernicus Heliocentric Universe
270 Nikola Tesla Electric Motor (AC)
271 Ohm Laws of Electrical Resistance
272 Oho Hahn Uranium fusion
273 Oliver Lodge Wireless Communication
274 Otis Lift (Elevators)
275 Otto Internal Combustion Engine
276 Otto Hahn, Bohr and Fermi Nuclear Fission
277 Otto von Guericke Air Pump
278 Parsons Steam Turbine
279 Pascal Adding Machine
280 Pascal Calculating machine
281 Paul Ehrlich Chemotherapy
282 Paul Gyorgy Vitamin B6
283 Pavlov Theory of conditioned reflex
284 Perkin Mauve dye
285 Peter Goldmark The long playing microgroove record
286 Pierre Simon de Laplace Newtonian Mechanics
287 Plimsoll Line of demarcation (ship)
288 Priestley Laughing Gas
289 Priestly Oxygen
290 R.A.Millikan Cosmic Rays
291 Ramanathan Molecular Scattering of light in fluid
292 Ramanujam In Number Theory
293 Ramsay, Travers Neon Gas
294 Richard Feynman Quantum Electrodynamics
295 Richard Trevithick Locomotive
296 Robert Koch Bacteriology
297 Robert Koch Cholera Bacillus
298 Robert Peary (1909) North Pole
299 Robert Recorde Equal sign (=)?
300 Robert Wilhelm Von Bunsen Laboratory Gas Burner
301 Roberts Mallet Seismograph
302 Roentgen X – Rays
303 Rogei Bacon Gun powder
304 Rohm Korff Induction Coil
305 Ronald Ross Malarial Parasite
306 Rudolf Diesel Diesel Engine
307 Rudolf Diesel Diesel Oil Engine
308 Rudolf Virchow Cell Doctrine
309 Rutherford Breaking up the Nucleus of an atom
310 S.N.Bose Boson
311 Salk Salk Vaccine
312 Samuel Colt Revolver
313 Samuel Morse Telegraph
314 Samuel Morse Telegraphic Code
315 Shalimar Paints
316 Sigmund Freud Psychology of the Unconscious
317 Sir Alexander Graham Bell Telephone
318 Sir Charles Parsons Ship (turbine)
319 Sir Ernest Swington Tank
320 Sir Frank Whittle Jet Engine
321 Sir George Caley Glider
322 Sir Humphrey Davy Safety lamp
323 Sir Isaac Pitman Shorthand
324 Sir J.A. Fleming Valve of radio
325 Sir Richard Arkwight Spinning frame
326 Stephen Hawking Quantum Cosmology
327 Stephenson Railway Engine
328 Theodosius Dobzhansky Modern Synthesis
329 Thomas Alva Edison Cinematograph
330 Thomas Alva Edison Cinematography
331 Thomas Alva Edison Electric Lamp
332 Thomas Alva Edison Gramophone
333 Thomas Alva Edison Movie Projector
334 Thomas Hunt Morgan Chromosomal Theory of Heredity
335 Thomas Newcome Steam engine (piston)
336 Thomas Saint Sewing Machine
337 Tim Berners Lee World Wide Web and Hypertext Markup Language
338 Trofim Lysenko Soviet Genetics
339 Tycho Brahe New Astronomy
340 U.N.Brahmachari Kala-azar Fever
341 Urey Heavy Hydrogen
342 Valentine Bismuth
343 W. L. Judson Zip fastener
344 W.H. Fox Tablot Photography (paper)
345 Werner Heisenberg Quantum Theory
346 Wilhelm Reontgen X-ray
347 Wilhelm Wundt Founding of Psychology
348 Willard Libby Radioactive Dating
349 William Bayliss Modern Physiology
350 William Burroughs Cash register
351 William Harvey Circulation of the Blood
352 William Herschel Heavens
353 William Hurst Safety Pin
354 William Murdoch Gas lighting
355 William Oughtred Symbol (x)?
356 William Siemens Electric Furnace
357 William Sturgeon Electromagnet
358 Wright brothers Aeroplane

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