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Spring Framework – Introduction

Dear All,

In this article I was intend to share how to get started with spring.

First go to spring home https://spring.io/tools/sts/all and download the suitable version of your system. Extract the downloaded jar and find the sts.exe in that folder. Create a sts.exe shortcut in your desktop (Right click on the file and create short (or) drag the file to the desktop). To start  spring click on the short cut of sts which was created on your desktop.

Spring is a powerful light weight application development framework used for Java Enterprise Edition which  was developed by Rod Johnson in 2003. Roderick B. Johnson, an Australian computer specialist officially released the spring frame work in 2004 by Apache. Spring supports various frameworks like such as Structs, Hibernate, Tapestry, EJB, JSF etc..

Spring framework contains different modules such as IoC [Inversion of Control], AOP (Aspect Oriented Program], DAO [Data Access Object],Context, ORM [Object Relational Mapping] and Web MVC etc.

Features of Spring Frame Work:

Inversion Of Control (IOC) :

Loose Coupling is achieved by Spring Framework by using Inversion of Control. The objects give their own dependencies instead of creating or looking for dependent objects.


It is light weight framework, with respect to size and transparency. Spring uses POJO’s. The Spring Framework doesn’t force the programmer to inherit any class or implement any interface. That is why it is said non-invasive.

Loose Coupling:

Because of dependency injection Spring applications are loosely coupled.


Spring itself creates and manages the life cycle and configuration of application objects.

Declarative Support:

Spring frame work provides declarative support for validation, transactions, formatting and caching.

Transaction Management:

Spring frame work provides a generic abstraction layer. It is not tied to J2EE environments and it canbe used in container less environments.  Spring provides strong abstraction to JavaEE frameworks such as JMS, JPA,JTA and JDBC.

MVC Frame work:

Spring frame work is a MVC web application framework.  It is easy to use and configurable all view technologies.







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