String Builder : A Comprehensive Guide

String Builder

String builder in Java is a class. It is like string objects, except that they can be modified. String Builder class is available in java.lang package. Internally String builder objects are treated like variable length arrays which contain sequence of characters. At any point of time, the length and content …

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Structures in C


Declaration of Structures: Method 1: A structure is a user defined data structure in c language.  To declare a structure you must start with the keyword struct followed by the structure name or structure tag and within curly braces the list of the structure’s member variables.  It does not create …

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Oracle – Tutorial Part -1

Know the database management concept is essential to everyone, as a fresher must have knowledge in any database like MySql, Oracle..etc. Now I am using Oracle to give brief explanation about the creation deletion updating of the database table. Oracle provides Enterprise, mobile Express editions. Express edition is light weight …

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