Features and Eco system of Hadoop

Hadoop Features

Features and advantages of Hadoop: Hadoop is an open source software frame work for storing data and running applications on commodity hardware. It stores any type of data and provides massive storage of data for enormous processing power and the ability to handle virtually limitless concurrent tasks or jobs.  Hadoop …

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HTML Basics

First Html code

HTML is a powerful basic web site designing markup language. HTML expanded as Hyper Text Markup Language.  Tim Berners Lee is a contractor at CERN , he proposed a system for CERN. Berners Lee wrote a memo to proposing an Internet based hyper text system. He specified HTML and wrote …

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Java Programs

seconds to hours and minutes

Write a java program to accept seconds as an input and convert into hours and minutes? import java.util.*; public class timeConvert { int sec=0,min=0,hr=0; int reminder=0; Scanner sr = new Scanner(System.in); public timeConvert(){ System.out.println(“Enter seconds to convert”); sec=sr.nextInt(); if(sec!=0){ min=sec/60; reminder=sec%60; sec=reminder; if(min>=60){ hr=min/60; min=min%60; } } System.out.println(hr+”Hours:”+min+”Minutes:”+sec+”Seconds”); } public …

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What is block chain technology?

What is Block chain Technology? Block chain technology is technology word which heard frequently in information technology sector.  First going into the term block chain technology, a block chain is a continuously or unbreakable growing list of records, called blocks and these are linked and high secured by using cryptography. …

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What is Air Pollution?

AIR POLLUTION Contamination of air with smoke, dust and harmful gases is called air pollution and the substances causing pollution are called as pollutants. The common pollutants are: Gases like sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides, carbon oxides and hydrogen sulphide, smoke soot and particulate matter etc. SOURCES OF AIR POLLUTION Burning/combustion …

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Case Study on Air and Water Pollution

What is water pollution? The contamination of water with unwanted and harmful substances is called water pollution. The sources of water pollution are industrial wastes, synthetic detergents, agricultural run-offs, oil leakage etc. Water pollution affects the aquatic life, makes the water non potable for drinking and causes a phenomenon known …

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POLYMERS Polymers can be defined as the high molecular mass macromolecules that are formed due to the repetition of the basic unit, monomer. MONOMER The unit molecules that combines with each other to form a polymer. POLYMERISATION The process of formation of polymers by the repeated addition of the monomers …

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