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Introduction to Big data

What is Data ?

Anything that can be stored can be referred as data.

What is Big Data ? 

Big Data is the term coined for huge Data ,In today’s  digital world the data is getting generated in unprecedented rate,  in order to store and process such huge data existing traditional data bases are not enough.

Trend of Google Searches of “Big Data” over Time Showing the Popularity of the Term 

                                           Source: Google Trends


Big data is typically broken down by four characteristics:

  1. Volume : How much data is being generated.
  2. Velocity : How fast data is being processed.
  3. Variety  : The various types of data.
  4. Veracity : Uncertainty of  data.


Big Data Management Architecture :

Before we delve into the architecture, it is important to take into account the functional requirements for big data.

Life cycle to be followed:

First the data must be captured, and then organized and integrated. Once this phase is successfully implemented, data can be analyzed based on the problem being addressed. Finally, management takes action based on the outcome of that analysis.

For example, Flipkart.com might recommend a book based on a past purchase or a customer might receive a coupon for a discount for a future purchase of a related product to one that was just purchased.

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