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How to Write a program part – 2

A program is a solution of a specific program which is unique for similar type problems. So a program is more helpful to find out the solution of a problem. A program follow some syntax rules based on which programming language is choose by the programmer.
Before going to solve a problem, a program has Algorithm and Flow chart.
These two are helpful to find out the flow of program, input information and approach of problem solving.

Use of a Flowchart:

A flowchart is used geometrical figure which represents the flow of instructions of a program. We all know a program is set of instructions. How the instructions could solve the problem what the data has to be taken by the user or programmer at run time of a program. Also it shows how many variables are used to solve the problem and what the operation is going to perform in the program everything has presented in a clear way by using geometrical figures.

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