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Web Services

Web services and It’s Characteristics

Characteristics of Web services: Loosely coupled: A web service consumer is not directly tied with web service. The web service interface can change over the period of time without clients intimation or compromising the clients ability to interact with the service. A tightly coupled system implies that the client and …

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Web services – Components

Components in Web service: Web services required three major components SOAP – Simple Object Access Protocol WSDL – Web Service Description Language UDDI – Universal Description Discovery and Integration SOAP is XML based protocol for accessing web services. It was recommended W3C (world wide web consortium) for communication between applications. …

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What is the Architecture of a web service?

Workflow in web service

Before going to learn about web service architecture, just have a look at functionality of web service. Web services are using open standards like HTML, XML, WSDL and SOAP to establish communication between different applications online. In the process of communication Tagging the data by using XML To transfer data …

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