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Hi, i am Santosh Gadagamma, a tutor, Software Engineer and an enthusiast for sharing  knowledge in Computer Science and other domains. I developed this site to share knowledge to all   the aspirants of technologies like, Java, C/C++, DBMS/RDBMS, Bootstrap, Big Data, Javascript,   Android, Spring, Hibernate, Struts and all levels of software project design, development,   deployment, and maintenance.

As a programmer analyst I believe that, “The world now needs computers to function.”

Hope, this site guides you as a learning tool towards greater heights. I believe that Education has no end points and i wish to learn more in the process of teaching you.

Ever seen the TED Talks? Where the big shots share their bright ideas and experiences? Its concept is to share the valuable knowledge to the world and inspire generations to come by. This is such a blog that shares knowledge and precious content.We provide knowledge in all possible domains ranging from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, General Studies etc to Programming Languages. Where many websites levy premium charges for such content, you are welcome to enjoy them for free. Our primary goal is to break the bounds for gaining knowledge. NO MORE PREMIUM CHARGES and encourage the free flow of knowledge from the wisest to the seekers of knowledge.

And about the free flow of knowledge that we promised, we are starting a discussion form very soon which enables us to communicate with you Live and share our knowledge with one another. That doesn’t mean that we are not listening to your queries right now! Our comment section still helps us in that regard. You are welcome to ask your questions and provide us with your valuable feedback anytime.

As we proceed to grow as a community of teachers and seekers, we the administrators of it2edu.com promise to design a student support system where we can lend our support for your projects, assignments, startup ideas etc. We are eagerly waiting for the day where we can contribute a lot to our student community. After all, that’s what our name stands for, to be your first and the best choice when it comes to Education. Everything available in this site is for your dispense. Please use it wisely.